Is Now a Good Time to Get a New Accounting Job? Finding the Perfect Job

How do you find a good job in accounting? Some industries are still thriving during the pandemic, most commonly in areas that people will need regardless of economic conditions. This includes grocery stores, healthcare and telehealth, used cars, delivery services, cleaning companies, tutoring services, and technology. Other industries doing well are those that help us feel good when we’re feeling blue: gaming companies and fitness equipment are good examples. Corporations and even smaller businesses in these industries are doing fairly well. But even if they are tightening their belts, they still need good accountants. 

Employees who are less efficient and less valuable will be the first to be laid off when a company is feeling a financial pinch, but that doesn’t mean the work they were doing was not important. It may mean that they now need a new employee who has the skills the company needs to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner. Enter you. But expect a few differences since the last time you interviewed for a job and prepare ahead. 

Be equipped for video interviews. Make sure your technology is up-to-date and that you have strong skills in video conferencing (a real plus that is now a must for most new hires). Zoom and Skype are two top video conferencing methods, but Google Meet (which is often an option with a Google Calendar invitation) and other social media options are also good to know. 

Practice interviewing online. Set up your lighting so you will look good on camera, and make sure your background looks professional. Be prepared to demonstrate that you have the skills to work remotely if needed, but you are also available to work in-office. Flexibility is critical during this uncertain time. Real-life examples of your business experience while both in-office and working remotely will show the hiring manager you are ready to work in either environment. 

Get your resume and cover letter updated by a professional service. Make sure they know how to make your resume attractive to the ATS resume bots since many jobs filter resumes through a program before they are seen by a human being. However, make sure your resume is also attractive to the real person who will eventually read it. This may mean having two separate resumes for different audiences. Tweak your resume and cover letter a bit for each position so that they include the keywords that the job description includes. 

Use your network. If at all possible, try to find the name of the hiring manager or get a virtual introduction from someone you know. In most cases, this puts you near the top of the list of applicants, since you have made an effort to reach out personally, especially if you know someone the hiring manager knows. 

This is one of the big advantages of being part of an association like PSTAP. Make the most of your connections here and reach out to your PSTAP network to see who knows of any job openings and can introduce you. We also offer our members a Classifieds section where job opportunities or job requests can be listed. 

Networking and reaching out personally is your best first step toward landing a great job during a pandemic. If you’re prepared for the changes these times have placed on the interview process, you’ll be able to land a job that you’ll enjoy and that will help you grow in your career.