Finding the Right People to Work for Your Accounting Firm

Finding the right accounting staff involves more than just writing a good help wanted ad. It involves developing proactive strategies, offering an attractive compensation package, and creating the kind of firm that attracts the best talent. If your firm is having difficulty finding accountants to work in Pennsylvania, our members can help. We also recommend considering the following:  

Develop your company brand and culture first

Survey your current employees. What are your company’s strengths? Where are your current employees less-than-thrilled? What would make them happier? What changes would they like to see in the company? 

Some things good talent looks for:

  • An atmosphere where employees feel valued and an important part of the company
  • Recognition for how they’ve contributed to the client’s or the company’s success
  • Reasonable flexibility in working hours and location
  • A friendly, supportive work environment that encourages excellence
  • Openness to new ideas and innovation, and remaining current with technology
  • Learning opportunities and in-house training or mentorship programs
  • Career advancement

Offer a competitive package

Salary is only one part of the package, and it may not be the most important. Besides healthcare coverage, your potential recruit may also be attracted by bonuses, retirement plans, guaranteed training, and partnership opportunities. 

But think outside the box and consider some other, less common perks of working for your company. For example:

  • Child care services or budget
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Pet-friendly workplace
  • On-location delivery service (groceries delivered before leaving at the end of the day, purchases delivered to the office instead of at home while they’re at work, risking theft, etc.)
  • 4-day holiday weekends
  • Increased retirement contributions
  • On-location exercise facilities or a paid gym membership
  • Paid parental leave

Think about what kind of talent you’re looking for and what your best employees want. This is part of developing a strong company culture since these perks would be offered to all your employees. 

Be proactive in your search

Develop relationships with existing excellent accountants who are currently working at other firms and with local universities that are preparing future accounting professionals. LinkedIn, industry and professional membership organizations, college job fairs, and internship programs can all be sources of potential future employees. Your own satisfied employees are also excellent sources of potential new staff. 

The benefit of hiring young new professionals is that you can train them from the ground up. The benefit of hiring experienced employees is their wealth of knowledge and wisdom. But each will need a very different carrot in order to draw them to your firm. By getting to know them through developing relationships, you will be able to offer a package that will draw them enthusiastically to your firm.